Great date now is a scam!

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I signed up for GDN last August, and have been on 4 horrible dates.None of the men lived closer than an hour away (I live in the NY metro area) or were anything like I specified I was looking for.

My last date was in May, and since then, I have complained by both email and telephone about the service. I originally signed up with Georgette in the Englewood Cliffs office, who has since left. They have been through 3 "assistant" matchmakers, none of whom ever met with me. There is NO personal service here whatsoever.

The new matchmaker Alyssa has not called me once in the last 6 months, and complaints to Collette who is their customer service person have gotten me nowhere. I agree with a lot of what's been said here in recent posts. They have totally misrepresented this service from what was promised when I signed up. None of the men they mentioned in the NY/Northern NJ area seemed to be available AFTER they had my money.

I have no problem meeting men, I was just looking for someone who is ready for a serious relationship and over the games.

If anyone has a suggestion on how we can get our money back, I am all ears!!

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i just started reading these posts..I can tell you it is absolutly a scam.I worked for them for almost a year.

Ohh, the things i can tell you from the inside.If your doing a class action suit let me know i would love to give you guys any information needed to put this horrible company away


You all need to look at -we are all going to sue!


Yep this is a scam. Had two horrible dates picked by their receptionist not the so-called matchmaker. Stay away from them.


i have been on 6 horrible dates. i have been through 3 matchmakers. i am so pissed i want my money back!!!!


yup, its a scam

I was taken too

Elgin, Iowa, United States #29783


Elgin, Iowa, United States #29782

Take them to court it's the only way. Strength in numbers!

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Great Date Now - save your money

Garfield, New Jersey 3 comments
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I paid $2,595 for alot of promises to match me with the "perfect" person who promised to be (as advertised) an upscale professional.I joined last August.

It is one year later and I have had exactly 2 dates. I was fixed up with 1) a used car salesman 2) a postal service worker - both of whom I found out paid LESS than I did for the membership fee.

Phone calls to the Morristown Office are not returned. Only one date originated from their office - the other was from the PA office.

I would strongly recommend to anyone NOT to waste their money on this SCAM service.

The owner Gary does not return calls or even try to address complaints.

Hang out in a bar and you will most likely have much better results.

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Geez, I wish I found this site before I signed up with Great Date now!I also paid $2000 for 5 dates and have been scammed.

They are not a personalized matchmaking company at all. They just peruse the computer looking for matches!

I would've joined and at least picked my own dates!Ugh, fo those considering GDN, do yourselves a favor and walk the other way!

Elgin, Iowa, United States #29779

The only way you're going to get your $$ back is if you take them to court.


I am equally NOT happy at all.I paid $2000 for 5 dates and in 6 months have had 3 dates.

NONE of the guys had the qualities I asked for.

If they had some (they were nice) they were totally overweight or something else etc........For that price -- I want what I asked for!I am hoping I can get my money returned!!!

Great Date Now, math-making scam

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Save your $2500 and select another dating/introduction service.The matchmaker from the Morristown office, Kim Catambalta was a scam artist.

She misrepresented the service provided describing it as "personalized" meanwhile once you join you're pawned off onto an assistant matchmaker who is really a glorified receptionist. There was never any follow through and once you pay there doesn't seem to be any motivation on their part to make good on what they describe. The asst match maker left suddently and then the mathcmaker herself disappeared. I found this out only by calling the office and speaking to the new person who lasted all of 3 weeks.

All of the advertising this service has done is a bunch of hooey. Again save your money. The Englewood Cliffs office has a BBB claim filed against it that has yet to be answered.

Seems like they have problems honoring their contracts.

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Wish I had read these before I signed up.

Luckily I didnt pay the full price, but 3 months only one date that wasnt nearly a match.

Maybe they mean well, but just have a very limited database.

Elgin, Iowa, United States #26946

All of the Great Date Now offices seem to be scam artists-do NOT sink any of your money into them!!!!!!

Vasteras, Vastmanlands Lan, Sweden #25328

Same experience.Once they get paid, there is little incentive for them to produce.

The "matchmaker" is a professional salesperson, and a good one. I paid a premium to deal with her, then she disappeared and I was left to the assistants, who do not return phone calls.

They get their money, and then it's don't call us, we'll call you.Not good, and a big waste of significant money.

Ballinger, Texas, United States #24389

Hello - I had the same exact experience but from the NY office.Totally a scam.

No matter how much I tried, they never let me speak to the person who I met saying that the assistant could help.

Also, even though they said it was personalized, when i complained about a match, they said they had a glitch with a computer error so their advertising is a lie that it is "hand selected matches" They haven't fulfilled their obligations at all.If you are interested in joining me in fighting them let me know...

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